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About us

The history of Stephan Hermann's company is proof that the best things are characterised by a certain maturity, coupled with exceptional quality and product stock. Since 1982, the company has continuously expanded its pawn loan and jewellery sale services. In a market in which trust and reliability count for everything, nothing is a better indication of the quality of our work.

What started out as a two-man enterprise with Stephan Hermann and Koblenz-born Karl-Heinz Urbild on Altenhof grew with every developmental stage, quickly adapting its corporate structure to ever-changing market conditions. While the original pawn service covered technological devices like record players and televisions, pictures and mink coats - in short, any valuable good - the business increasingly widened its focus from pawn loans to include jewellery trade, too. Through the use of modern sales platforms such as Ebay, we were able to consolidate our excellent reputation.

In light of this business expansion, the company quickly outgrew its original premises and change was afoot once again. After a nine-year 'stopover' in offices near the Liebfrauen Church, the company finally moved to its current home on Altengraben in Koblenz. This enabled an enormous growth process which formed the basis of the success story the company continues to write today.

Alongside daily business with our pawn loan customers, an increasing number of satisfied clients visit our jewellery store, ensuring that our offices are always a hub of activity. Today, several goldsmiths also work in our company, producing their own jewellery ranges as well as top-quality custom-made pieces that reflect a rich heritage of creativity and innovation.

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