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Pawn loans

The easy way to cash! Pawn loans are a typical short-term loan and are therefore ideal for bridging temporary financial constraints.

Pawn loans are also quick, easy and straightforward to process - a secure and simple way to get money for everyone over the age of 18. There is no need to provide a salary record, and no credit rating or financial information, for instance from the General Credit Protection Agency, is required. Your pawn alone guarantees the loan.

A legally regulated process with statutory interest rates and fees ensures added security for our customers.

Please bring your valid ID card or passport with you. Your personal details will remain confidential and will not be divulged to third parties. Your loan will be processed straight away and the sum is paid in cash immediately.

NB: The pawn remains your property for the duration of the loan. The pawn ticket issued serves as proof of ownership. Keep it in a safe place!


The customer deposits a security of stable value (jewellery, watch, coins, etc.) at the pawn shop. The pawn loan depends on the appraised value of the pawned object.

The pawn ticket is valid for three months, although it can also be redeemed earlier. After the credit sum is repaid, the object is returned to the customer. Interest and fees are calculated for each initiated month. The loan can also be extended as required, subject to payment of accrued interest and fees.

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